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Minuit Mystique
07 November 2011 @ 21:29
Bleh. Am sick again. :( Not cool.
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Minuit Mystique
24 August 2011 @ 23:04

Why does life have to be so difficult?

I'm doing the work of at least a Supervisor/Manager level at the moment, and I'm only a Consultant I (one step above a graduate level job).  

I have 1 and 1/2 years experience with my job, and I'm doing work that I'm pretty sure is at least as good, if not better than, work done by someone with at least  4 or 5 to 10 years experience on the job.  


Do you think I'm remumerated for it? Fuck No.

Why the heck am I putting in the extra hours and extra effort when It's not reflected at all in my pay cheque???  and probably won't be until I've put in requisite number of years on the job?

It's almost a disincentive to do well at what I do.  

My contract says I work 8.30 to 5pm, with extra hours *OCCASSIONALLY* if needed.

What time did I leave work yesterday?  8pm

How many hours of work did I do after I got home?  3hrs.  

What time did I leave work today?  8pm

What time do I usually leave work on a normal business day?  5.30 to 6pm

What time do I leave work in busy season?  6.30 to 7pm.

Is that extra effort reflected in my bank account???? FUCK NO.

Why the Fuck Did I pick This Career???  

~ *end rant*
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Minuit Mystique
 So I finally managed to get back onto my photoshop and created something I really liked.  

I was dying for a new wallpaper, something red and warm for winter.  So here it is.  Also posted at the_unseelie 
Wallpaper: Stroke of Midnight

wallpaper, red, candle, midnight

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Minuit Mystique
30 March 2011 @ 08:13
 It always amuses me to see the little signs that reveal a person's true character in a situation where their job requires uniformity. 
The Translink lady at the bus stop informing everyone the bus had been delayed as per usual was wearing the standard uniform of bland stripped shirt, navy pants, and fluro yellow vest.
Her nails however, had multicoloured sparkly tips. Ie a french manicure style with a different sparkly shade on each nail (blue, pink and silver I believe). The tips were about 1cm long. 
It just contrasted so much with the image she presented as just another public transport officer. I was amused. 
Minuit Mystique
30 March 2011 @ 07:23
Who is your favorite mythical creature/character, and why?

If we're talking the classic greek/roman myths, then it's gotta be Hades/Persephone :)  I love, love, love that story. It's a pairing that has endless tortured/angsty possibilities :D  yum.  :)  hehehe.

But in terms of an actual creature, while I'm a fan of anything that goes bump in the night, the prize has to go to Dragons.  
Chinese dragons (wingless serpentine-like creatures who fly) have more sentimental value for me.  These creatures bring good luck, good fortune and auspiciousness (if that's a word).  
The western Dragon (large winged creatures) are great too.  And I really dislike the stories where dragons are killed or hunted. :(   
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Minuit Mystique
08 March 2011 @ 22:29
Icon revamp :) prompted by peroxidepirate 

I am procrastinating badly and revamped my Callisto Icons :) There's one or two new ones here too.

The only problem?? I need more userpics!! :S


*Credit me if you take any thanks :) 
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Minuit Mystique
07 March 2011 @ 20:02
So, Goldenlake's   SMACKDOWN writing competition is here again for 2011 :)

Tuesday 8th to Sunday 13th March

Fight A: Arena One
Dom/Evin v Zahir/Jonathan
I'm going to have to write for Zahir/Jon here, as Dom/Evin really doesn't do much for me. Plus there's the more important reason of ubiquitous_girl .

I've never written J/Z before, and quite frankly didn't know where to start. It's definitely not a pairing I'm familiar with. But armed with a brand spanking new purrty writing journal and shiny purple pens, I successfully bribed my muse into co-operating with me. I'm on a J/Z roll.

Although, I've only written Jon's internal monologue so far. I deed to switch scenes and start writing some dialogue & action! *wiggles eyebrows* I have to say though. I thoroughly love torturing Jon. :) bwahahaha.
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Minuit Mystique
I just found this today. It's Beyonce doing Single Ladies with JT :) ... it's so funny! I love it! :D

Enjoy  :)
Minuit Mystique

I just watched the TrueBlood Finale!!! *eeee* *squee* *flail*

Who's watched it?

Can I just say
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Minuit Mystique
02 September 2010 @ 23:11
My LJ stays on LJ.  No part of my LJ is to go on Facebook.  They don't like eachother.  If the two were ever to mix, the results would be very, very bad.  Catastrophic. 

So no linking LJ to FB.  End of story.