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23 September 2010 @ 23:53
OMG, love this vid! :D Beyonce & JT - SINGLE LADIES  
I just found this today. It's Beyonce doing Single Ladies with JT :) ... it's so funny! I love it! :D

Enjoy  :)
Verasqueverasque on 14th November 2010 09:44 (UTC)
Sorry this isn't related to Beyonce & JT, but I just wanted to inform you that it's me, Joa (sillyberry), and THAT I FINALLY SAW PICS FROM YOUR HALLOWEEN PARTY.

I am so jealous I don't live near you guys. The deco, the food, your costumes, YOUR BATHROOM OMG. Your bathroom decorations were so awesome! And your front door, and the dining table, and just everything. Was setting up and everything expensive? *curious*
Minuit Mystique: Female: vampire dark batsminuit_mystique on 15th November 2010 13:51 (UTC)
hehe, thanks :)

I've still got more pics that I got to put up :oopsies:

cost .. err, don't quit eknow. all 3 of us who organised it bought different stuff ... so it probably added up to a lot :P but I wasn't particularly keen to count it. If I con't know the exact cost, then it's not that expensive? :P *teehee*